Monday, November 26, 2012

The Bunny Chronicles

I think there are people that you are supposed to let into your life, and I think that by design they are meant to leave and you are never supposed to speak again.  And these people rip your heart out and feed it to the sharks.  They dare you to break the rules and sneak through windows.  They sit on shingles and whisper impossible promises into your ears.  If you are standing up right they turn you upside down.  They have you running toward midnight with little more than an eyebrow raise.  Youll remember the oddest things about them - like the way they said 'hilarious' or the tv shows you watched at 3am on a couch that smelled like cigarettes and bad decisions.  Then one day you will wake up to find that they are gone and you will recognize the finality of that word: gone, because you will know that it is physically impossible for something so random and perfect to happen twice.  Whenever the streets flood with rain you will think of them.  They will be the dark shadow in your dreams, the black figure you can never catch up to no matter how quickly you run.