Friday, June 29, 2012

Its sad really.  People rust.  They evaporate.  They slowly erase.  And we wonder what happened.  Was it our fault or theirs?  Did we neglect the friendship or did they no longer need what we had to give?  The boys, the girls. One day their names will begin with, 'you know whats her name.'  Its tough when you realize that the nature of relationships is constantly evolving, despite every attempt you make to make it last.  To live in love.  To freeze people in memory.  The rest of life will be a continuous series of beginnings, of handshakes and text avoidance.
-Christopher Guitierrez


Anonymous said...

Hold on to the good, happy, hilarious, irreplaceable memories. Let the angry, hateful, dark ones fade away.
Cherish what the relationship was. Do not dwell on the demise of it.
Let no person or words devalue the depth of your relationship with another, whether present or past.

And always remember......
Nothing gold can stay