Friday, July 15, 2011

Its the Barry Gibbs Talk Show

1. Lately all I really want to do is hang out in Barnes & Noble. I love it there. I literally spend hours there before I realize I should probably go the fuck home or hide in the bathroom until they close so I can spend the night. I really really wish I had a huge beautiful library in my house like the one the Beast built for Belle. That would be the bees knees. Minus it would be bigger than my entire house. Or I could have a library house. That would also be the knees of the bees.

2. I spent hours yesterday applying for jobs in London. Yes as in London, UK. I should be more realistic, but I would fucking die if I could just up and move to London, tomorrow. And I would do it. Bye bye mother fuckers. Only I really would need a good job because Im not going to make my way waiting tables or some shit. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

3. I think Saturday Night Live is hilarious and it makes me sad that the only people who watch/agree w me are my parents. Im always making references to skits and nobody ever fucking gets them. Not that people typically get my jokes anyway, but still. Its funny people. ‘So what, who cares?’

4. I need to finish my essays for grad school. Any by finish I mean start. Fuck, I just realized this may or may not hinder my up-and-move to London plan. Fuck. Anyway though, why is it so hard to start writing? I know once I start, it will flow and Ill get it done, but it is the starting that is weighing on me. I haven’t had to right a legit essay in 4 years. That’s a lifetime people. School is for fools and work is for jerks.