Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love my life. Its always an adventure.

Actual conversations from last weekend...

Who needs dungeons and dragons?
M: Your hair makes you look like a pirate.
J: Fuck you. Arrrrrggghhhh.
M: We can all be pirates.
J: Nope, as soon as you commented on my hair I made you walk the plank.
M: Well luckily I know how to swim, so Im swimming fast and climbing back on board.
J: I just pulled out my revolver.
M: D! J shot me with her revolver!! Tell her that’s not ok.
J: Im not actually shooting you, Im just firing warning shots around you so you get scared and cant climb back on my pirate ship.
D: Ok can we please leave Safeway? People are staring.

Friends Forever.
M: Im so happy today. I love you guys so so much!
J: Awwww…
M: Shut the fuck up bitch.
D: Happy bday to me.

I kill baby seals.
R: Are you wearing Christmas socks?
J: Um yes, yes I am. Please don’t question me.
R: You do know that its June, right?
J: I said no questions.

Till death do us part.
J: This is the song we should play if we ever have a death pact and are about to drive off a cliff.
M: Umm a death pact? Why would we ever have a death pact?
J: Idk, but just in case we do this is the last song we will ever hear. Its perfect.
D: Who thinks about death pacts anyway? I call you going frist.
J: Youre saying youve never thought about it?
M&D: No.
J: Well shit, why did I bring all these knives. Stab stab stab.


Desirae said...

Ahhh the life and times of J,M, And D... the good times :) and priceless moments I might add.. Pretty sure were never allowed back in that Safeway ever again. Loves you!

M said...

Loves you.

MJ said...

Miss you