Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1. Old people love Wendys. I swear the average age inside that place is 86. It is like the Hardees of the west… only less gravy. And oldies always pay with cash. Always. I typically dont even have one dollar on me in cash form, but old people do, and not only that, they have change too, and they make sure to use those pennies. The only place I collect pennies is on the floor of my car. Pennies, water bottles, and cigarette ash.

2. I love to read. I feel sorry for people who dont.

3. I dont understand morning people. AT ALL. Honestly, waking up for me is painful. Like fucking hurts. I dont think thats normal. I mean, I dont think most of the things I do are normal per se, but this one is really hindering my ability to be a functioning adult. So dear sleep, I already have enough trouble being a grown up, so please fix yourself. Yours truly, Morning-loving wide-awake Bunny.