Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bunny Chronicles

But Ill give you a compliment,” he offers. “I hope youll like this. Because what I want to tell you is that the fact that youre pretty is your least good quality […] the best thing about you is that youre smart,” he says. “Not clever and bitchy smart, the way you are with everyone around the Cottage. You should cut that out. You dont give anyone a chance to know you and find out what a great person you are, that youre very good to talk to. No one will ever find that out if you keep letting all these other things get in the way. Youre wasting your intelligence trying to show everyone how intelligent you are, and it just pushes people away. Not everybody wants to get mixed up in all your badinage. You should stop doing that. Youre so much better than your own behavior.
-Elizabeth Wurtzel, 'More, Now, Again'