Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Top 3 WORST Commercials on TV

Having a broken ankle equals I watch a lot of TV and am cynical as hell. So here are the Top 3 WORST god damn commercials ever:

1. State Farm Insurance- First of all Im not asking my neighbors anything, fuck my neighbors. They let their dogs shit in my front yard, like I give a fuck about their insurance. And the dude in these commercials deserves a swift kick to the chest. Hes awful. How about you convince me to switch because I can save money or something… I mean are you really trying to capitalize on the ‘everybodys doing it’ idea… because my parents taught me long ago that isn’t a legit argument. So here is a big FUCK YOU to State Farm. I will NEVER use your insurance and you win the gold medal for the most annoying commercial ever to me. Trust.

2. College America- Ok so all of the stupid college commercials are annoying, but this one is the worst because they have a terrible song… worse than ‘get your degree, set yourself free, National American University’ (I admit that shit is catchy) but College Americas song is hilariously bad; you just have to hear it to understand. I would be so ashamed to go to a school w a song like that. It sounds like a song youd sing in kindergarten. Or a circus. Which I guess it actually somewhat fitting since I assume College America is pretty much clown college anyway.

3. Olive garden- Ha. These aren’t really annoying... I mean everybody knows that no real Italian would ever eat at Olive Garden… but guess what? Im not Italian so Ill eat that shit right fucking up. So I hate seeing these commercials when I cant fucking go there. I hate seeing any food commercials that don’t deliver because I cant fucking have it (at least not right that second)… and we all know my issue with wanting what I cant have… so this is serious.

Broken Bunny Out.