Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ThingSSS for which Im thankful:

Single Serving Sizes: Shit gets hard to tote around when you cant fucking walk, so Ive totally fallen in love with single serving sizes. Mainly OJ and ice cream, yes Im an adult. And if these so happen to fall to the floor, not to worry, I can just kick them (in what I like to call crutch hockey) wherever Im going. Really it’s a win-win.

Small Claims Court: My new most favorite shows may or may not be the Peoples Court and Judge Mathis. Im learning so much and can totally sue the shit out of somebody if the time comes because I really smart. Also, these shows come on way early in the morning (when I wake up- shaking my fists in the air) and right around lunch time (when Im sleepy again – go working from home!) What a combo!

Shower Chairs: Haha yes I am officially an 82 year old woman. And I use a shower chair. It is the bees knees. Don’t judge me, you don’t know my life bro. I literally started a sentence the other night at dinner with, ‘So I was sitting in my shower…’

Sleep: If you know me, you know how seriously I take sleep. If you don’t know me, youll learn really fucking quickly that you don’t play with my sleep, Ive killed for less. So these days, although Im becoming a vampire, I heart me some zzzzzzs. And yes, Im beginning to sparkle in the daylight, my little spider monkey.