Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear world... Listen the fuck up... I have very important shit to say. But really, what else is new?

1. I wish papa john would deliver my pizzas and play catch w me in my backyard. That would be fucking awesome. And delicious.

2. It is finally official... people now give me directions according to the nearest liquor stores. I always pretend not to know exactly where they mean, but we all know I really do.
For example... I have no clue where the drive-thru liquor store that is right on my way home from work is located!? I mean, I def dont know the guy that works the window so well he always knows what Im going to order before I do and then never needs to check my ID?! Where is that again? Bahaha.
Although this may be a reminder that I should check into rehab stat, Im thankfully getting so good at directions! I think really its a win/win.

3. Fall is here! Fall is here! FUCK YES! FUCK YES! Super stoked for boots and halloween... 2 of my most favorite things! Plus, you and me and the devil makes 3!

4. Jersey Shore never ceases to amaze me... its full of such usefull information. Case and point, until recently I never knew that I should take off my earrings before I get in a fist fight. I mean, this tip may or may not save my life one day. Or at least my ear lobe.

5. Ok well its 4:20 and Im going to go get high. Jk... that shit will kill you.