Monday, August 9, 2010

1. How come the only time I ever think about eating at Chic-fil-a is on Sunday? I mean seriously, the place never crosses my mind until that day… never… until fucking Sunday. I don’t get it. Ps. Remember when the liquor stores were closed on Sundays? Oh man that was a horrific tragedy. Sober Sundays make my heart hurt.

2. Sometimes when I listen to the radio, I try to call in and win concert tickets. This cracks me up really hard, for multiple reasons, but mainly because I only try like 3 times and then I give up. So really I have no idea what comes over me and makes me think I can win. How do people win that shit? The line is always busy and I get bored.

3. I get most of my major news from The Daily Show and I'm not ashamed at all. It delivers me news in a comical fashion… I don’t see what could be better. I heart politics and world news for sure, but we all know those MSNBC shows get a little boring. Enter Jon Stewart. And people that ‘don’t get’ the show or cant tell the difference between a joke and the real story, well, are just dumb. Now here it is, your moment of Zen…

4. Ps. Jon Stewart will always be better than Stephen Colbert. Hands down. Sorry, I only speak the truth. Well, actually I lie constantly, but on this issue I only speak the truth. Yes, its that important. Actually its not important at all. Well, its important enough I made this math equation:
JS > SC.

5. I want these so super bad (dibs). Buy them for me. Or really Ill take any present. Thats all for now... carry on.