Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blame it on the weather

So this morning I woke up to rain and gloom and I was fucking stoked. Im so over this god damn heat. Anyway, this silverstein song 'call it karma' came to mind and I was singing it as I got my ass out of bed... and then fucking get this... I started getting ready for work, turned on my ipod (on shuffle none the less... shuffle of my 30 gigs of music... yes, 30 asshole) and what song comes on? Thats right! The same fucking song I was just singing. I think Im becoming psychic or some shit. Maybe Im always psychic when its rainy. Hmmm... if this is true I need to move to Seattle stat. So yeah, thats my story, and yes I obviously found it important enough to blog about, so shut your hole.

blame it on the weather, but im a mess.
and this february darkness has me hating everyone
and i know i need your comfort, but this drama makes me sick
and the longer i lay here, i know its harder to get up
without you.

lose another day here
lose another year here
im with you.


The General said...

It's like you have ESPN or something!
BTW my boobs can totally predict the weather. Theres a 30% chance that its already raining.