Monday, March 22, 2010

if youre not drunk ladies and gentleman,
get ready to get fucked up.

My thoughts slash ramblings dedicated to my most doll faced best drinking partner as of late:

1. Even Martha Stewart cant make green hWhiskey. Boo. ‘Hey Martha!’
2. Identity theft is no laughing matter (to some people.)
3. Making seal noises at someone the first time you meet them is not a good way to make friends. True story.
4. ‘Hi! It’s cold out… can I wear your coat?’
5. I'm a MUTE!
6. With the Hansel and Gretel trail of shots we will never get lost or thirsty.
7. Why yes we will attend happy hour… then we will talk extremely loud, ignore you, and eat all your food.
8. Sunday, Monday, ice cream sundae.
9. Where’d you meet that no good Russian hoe?
10. SB! (cause I'm a silly silly bunny… sometimes... just sometimes.)

PS. If you are not said doll face, you likely are confused. Yeah? Well suck on it.


T.A. said...

OMG - Hi, what's your name? Guess mine! HA

J Bunny. said...

Wait so what is it really?