Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hWhiskey Wednesday

bright light city, gonna set my soul,
gonna set my soul on fire.

So this week I’ve been on a super irritated, over it, about to punch you in your throat mode; and I'm not sure exactly why. I'm know you are just as confused as I am, seeing how wonderful my alcohol soaked, mean girls, radical lifestyle comes across; so here are 2 potential reasons for my angry demeanor. I think. Maybe I just want to bitch about shit, but really, what else is new. Just keep reading you asshole.

1. Fuck the Man! I'm soooo sick of work (seeing as work is obviously for jerks) and am tired of the man constantly bringing me down. I mean its always, 'cover your tattoos; you're late; if you come to work drunk one more time; clean up your candy wrappers; quit drinking on your lunch break; stop wearing pajamas, blah, blah, blah, nonsense.' I mean come on, seriously? Do you really think our founding fathers came to work sober and at the crack of dawn? I'm almost positive this was not the case. I remember reading somewhere that George Washington was a drunk mother fucker. And by reading somewhere, I pretty much just made that up, but still. My point stands.

2. That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas. Is there such a thing as a Vegas hangover? Because that town chewed me raw and spit me the fuck out. And really, I don’t know if I have my bearings back quite yet, and its been almost a week. Vegas is pretty much the best slash worst town in the entire world. Its tricky. I lost a shit ton of money to my now arch enemy… blackjack. (That bastard.) I lost my way on the strip on more than one occasion. (Where are we?) And I may or may not have lost my life if it weren’t for my 2 new work best friends. (Seriously, like almost murdered and cut into tiny pieces and buried in the desert.) And yet, with all the loss, it was pretty much the most fun evvvver. Bunny and Vegas were made to go together… in short, somewhat controlled, increments… but sigh for coming home. Slash yay for coming home alive. Slash sigh… I miss you already. Slash this could go on forever…

So anyway, Im super glad its hWhiskey Wednesday. Like totally stoked. Totes McGoats. I guess thats all I really wanted to say.



GrittyVelvet said...

Clever but oh so witty too! Love this ish Bunz!