Monday, January 25, 2010

So Rich, So Pretty

i like a girl with caked up makeup,
in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time,
who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand,
bites and scratches the blinds.

I woke up this morning and I felt extra good (and coincidentally a lot like P Diddy.) Probably because there was limited amounts of alcohol in my system (limited for me would probably kill you, you light weight fuck, but I went to bed early so my drinking ceased, duh, even I haven’t figured out how to drink while sleeping, yet,) but more likely because it just doesn’t feel like a Monday to me. I love that. Except I hate that, when I realize that it is actually Monday and yes, you do have to work all week (and by work I mean blog and text and eat starburst, oh and work a little.) Boo. But even that cant bring me down. I'm in a mood and when I'm like this I think about some random shit. So, seeing as all my blog followers are always wondering what a bunny thinks about, and by all I mean hi mom, here goes my thoughts for the day:

1. I am the worst boy picker ever. Are you a douche? Better yet, a dummy and a douche that may or may not have a ‘girlfriend’? Apply here. I'm sure I will heart you.
2. Biting is fun. Bruises are hot. I can prove it.
3. I bet if I died and nobody noticed for a while, my cats would get hungry and start eating me. I thought they’d go for the eyes, but actually the toes are shaped more like cat food, so I think they would start there. (Thanks to The Gen for helping me find a logical answer to that question… yes, we discussed it, we are THAT cool.)
4. Who rides a bicycle to a bar? Who even rides a bicycle anywhere anymore (outside of Boulder)? I think that bike got what it deserved and I don’t feel bad one bit.
5. I thought stalking was supposed to be a secret. Apparently I haven’t gotten the stalker memo that says its ok to overtly stalk someone.
6. I'm all out of blacks (again) and this makes me a lot sad.
7. You remember that elephant named Babar from kids books? Well, get this, he has a bar named after him. I think it is some sort of tribute bar as I may or may not vaguely remember people wearing elephant masks. Oh and it smells too, like the zoo, except I'm pretty sure Babar didn’t live at the zoo, so maybe those bar assholes are confused. Or maybe I am.


GrittyVelvet said...

Your the funniest kid on the block! Heart your face Bunzo!