Monday, January 11, 2010

Is this bad??

now put your hands up.

1. I totally heart making fun of people. Even people I somewhat genuinely like (more so people I think are total douchebags, but really anyone is fair game.) I think it is funny… hence ‘making fun.’ And I don’t mean like ‘haha’ point and laugh (ok maybe this sometimes,) but more so like “maahhh my name is ___ and I'm an idiot, mahhh mahhh.” I don’t know if that even makes sense, but it does to me, and if it doesn’t to you let me know so I can make fun of you.

And, Ok, Ill be the first to admit that I'm mean and may or may not be somewhat of a bully (actually I wouldn’t necessarily say bully, but more am amazing at peer pressure and crack myself up and find most people are way to serious.) I know what everyone says about this too; 'people who put others down only do it to make themselves feel better,' but I feel pretty damn good about myself and I find it just hilarious.
Is this bad??

*Side note: if you are reading this post, I never ever make fun of you. Just other people I know. I think you are totally rad and wish I could be more like you. Ps. you look really pretty/handsome today.*

2. I also totally heart smoking. I realize that it is bad for me and that lung cancer may or may not be prevalent later in life, but really I have no desire to quit smoking… like AT ALL. Sure I have wanted to quit in the past, and did ok considering, but as of right now, I see no reason to quit. I like it. I like most everything about it.

I like the way it makes me feel, the disgusting way it tastes, I like taking smoke breaks, I like doing it while driving (except this is a double edged sword since I feel the need to smoke even if I'm driving for like literally 30 seconds… and yes, there are times when I only drive for 30 seconds… not too sure where, but I hate walking… I'm always out of breath from smoking,) I enjoy one after sexy time, and pretty much anytime really. I'm even acquiring a taste for the normal yukers cigarettes that I will again be stuck with when I run out of pre-FDA blacks again. Even knowing that, I still don’t want to quit. And I know that you have to really want it for it to work. So I just don’t plan to. I mean I will eventually someday maybe, but now… NOPE.
Is this bad??

3. I'm out of ‘Is this bad??” so here is some other shit I feel like posting and commenting on for you. And by you, I really mean me, so here you go bunny…

A. Why hello…
B. Somedays I just feel this way.
C. I totally heart old eye-patch wearing men. I hope this is my boyfriend someday. Well, not this actual dude cause he will likely be dead before I'm ready to date a grandpa. So maybe someone who is just like him, but old when I'm old.
D. This is just fucking cool.
E. A bitch aint one of my problems either. Thank god!
F. Why hello to you too… Ps. is that an eye patch?
G. My liver doesn’t stand a chance.
H. Ha. People who are against gay marriage and gay rights are ridiculous idiots. And that Beyonce song is so *fist pump* time.
I. I have a wing fetish. I would wear wings everyday if I could w/o being sent to a mental institution. Actually, are there mental institutions where I can just wear wings all the time and nobody cares cause I'm there? If so, I'm interested in learning more. Is this weird?

*Side Note. The letters go with the pics in order. Im not taking the time to format this shit and yeah. So figure it out boys and girls. If you cant, you probably should just cut yourself so the pain helps you forget what a dumbass you are. Hearts.*