Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Popular Lemondae

... because lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

Fuck you if you dont know Miss Rachel or havent heard of PopularLemonade You blow if this is the case for you. Pretty much because she is the shit and so is her blog. The launch party was last weekend... and if you missed that too... well I would hang the noose now my friend. Learn more about this awesome bitch, her stellar blog, and the epic launch party. Read on and click the links you damn fool...

VIA PopLemon

What an evening out & about in Denver, Colorado this past weekend. I can’t thank everyone enough – from the designers involved (shouts to LARD, DenverFrank, Whorebath, and Filthe), the djs (Dj Lazy Eyez, Dj Low Key), everyone who came and rocked with us, everyone that copped a shirt, everyone that stopped by to have a few drinks, and everyone who shared a spot on the dance floor with me. From the Michael Jackson sing-a-long to the Wu Tang finger gun salutes in the air to the champagne pouring in the mouth, I can honestly say that this evening was one of the most successful and amazing evenings out in a hot minute. Be sure to check out the designer’s blogs and websites above – they are truly kings and queens of this city.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported PopLemon. The future is bright, my friends.

You may notice I cannot be found in any of the pics, this is because I work for the CIA and will be killed immediately if spotted in any photo. And by that I mean I was drunk on WHiskey and pretty much an idiot.

PS. Visit Whorebath slash The General becuase not only is she a dope designer, but also the bestie. Had to give extra note on that one!


DenverFrank said...

JtoTheBunny is a Whiskey Drinking Funny MotherFucker. You Rock!