Monday, December 14, 2009

My thoughts on this day of all days:

1. If you put down your drink outside the bar while smoking and step away, I consider that fair game and also consider myself brilliant for deciding this. I feel like a drink ninja.
2. Ps. “I have a wood burning fireplace’ is not a good pick up line.
3. Get out of my head lady gaga (I may or may not need to stop listening to that bad romance song if this will ever really happen… rah rah ah ah ah) Also, Monday morning lady gaga algebra sessions with the bestie are hilarious.
4. So is RU FI OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (you know you love him)
5. Downing an entire rockstar, smoking like 25 cigarettes, and not eating makes me super jittery slash coke face feeling slash hilarious.
6. Hi hi hilarious (sing to no no notorious… get it?)
7. I cant effin wait for 3oh!3 this weekend. OMG. Minus when people bring dumb people and ruin autographed tickets.
8. Why would my 50 year old co-worker think I'm the person to ask for his illegal drug needs? Do I just give off that vibe?
9. Line dancing is hard, especially when boozing, and how does everyone just know what dance to do for what song? And why all the spinning?
10. I cant understand all these people having planned legitimate kids. What are you thinking? Ever heard of the free clinic?
11. If you don’t think TFLN is that funny, we never need to speak again.