Monday, December 7, 2009


i went walking the other day, everything was going fine,
i met a little boy named billy joe, and then almost lost my mind.

I think I am now going nutso and my mental capabilities are being systematically reduced by the minute due to this insatiable desire I have to screw lately. I feel like a damn 15 year old boy, just fresh off the puberty train, ready to bone anything that he comes across and I have never felt closer to said high school freshman boy in my life, I feel your pain man.

I’ve always enjoyed me some sex, and sure I typically have a desire to get the hooks, but nothing even close to the way I feel lately. I constantly think about it, immediately determine what position would be the most fun upon meeting new people, and dream about it pretty much every night. I always wake up happy and refreshed, congratulating myself on my great sex life, only to realize that yes, it was another dream, and no, I did not just get with the dude from 3oh!3. Damn it (fists raised in the air.)

And of course I have options people, I mean come on I'm a girl for heavens sake, but I'm trying to uphold some standards here, and there are only a few guys that fit the bill right now. And for some odd reason they don’t want to do it every night, or every second of every day for that matter, because they are ‘’working’ or have this lame thing called ‘plans’ (and by plans I mean girlfriend.)

So, I'm starting to see my standards dwindling as we speak as I’ve considered (key word: considered) some very sketchy and unlikely characters to fuck (and by considered I may mean am still considering.) And this is one rabbit hole that a bunny should not venture. Right?

So, really all I have to say is BOO for me. Thats all. Nothing fancy.



The General said...

there must be something in the atmosphere cause i'm with you! WTF? My mind is in the fucking gutter and I can't seen to pull it out. And in the sick sick mind of The Gen, nothing is off limits! You already know!