Wednesday, November 4, 2009

if she wants to dance and drink all night,
theres no one that can stop her.

Random thoughts with random pictures:
1. I heart this. I feel like this is me and the general on most days. Cant remember where I found it, but Im sure glad I did.
2. Whoa wow... I want these nails pronto minus the tacky fake nail glue. I think these represent me to a T mother fuckers!
3. Hilarity. I want this on my back sliding glass door like yesterday. Reminds me of the hand tattoos I want really bad. Stupid work.
4. Ive literally ironed like this before. Ha. Sometimes Ive even used a hair straightener as well. Thank god I have my steamer. Ps. Ugly shoes bitch.
5. Awww smoking. I still heart you. Im trying really hard (well not that hard I guess, but kinda) to quit you, but you keep bringing me back into your loveliness slash stank.


The General said...

oh this is so us! I love us. Ironing and smoking and being all sexxy!