Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Today

went to a party, i danced all night.
i drank 16 beers, and i started up a fight.

1. Mother fuck you fucking i-phone. Im so sick of your stupid shit. Work already. Im about to blow a gasket! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Moving on...

2. So its getting very time consuming for me to keep updated on all these blogs I follow. I pretty much need hours a day to go through my tumblr follows and then afterwards Im so blogged out, I dont ever check my blogspot follows, minus the bestie the general- as I always have time for her ish and shes been blogging a lot more lately which make me happy. My point, who are these people that have the time and patience to post like a bizillion things a day... and all night mind you. I mean I heart them, hence the following, but sheesh.
Ps. omg does everything have to be so depressing ALL of the time?? Come on, yeah life is shitty, but fuck, quit dwelling sometimes and post something funny or really anything other than 'im depressed blah blah blah.'
Pps. omg I cannot stand those stupid photoshopped pics with writing that says, 'youre beautiful even if you dont know it' bs. I hate that kind of shit (like songs that are like 'oh yeah youre ok, beleive in yourself, stupid shit') and i hate that everyone posts them like every day.

3. Can you tell I love lists? I think the only time I actually post writing Im using some type of list format. Ha. Love it or leave it cause I dont care!

4. I think its super strange that I work for the federal gov helping native american indians (little white dove- was a her name) and yet we still celebrate columbus day as a holiday. I mean I heart getting any day off, no matter the whos and whats, but this just doesnt seem right. Seeing how columbus was a total douche and treated indians like dirt, we prob shouldnt be taking the day off in his honor. Just saying.

5. I am officially now more excited for zombie prom the weekend before Halloween, than I am for actual Halloween day! I cant wait! Woot. Go zombies at prom!


Pen Pen said...

:) FUCK YOU, iphone!
AND- I dunno if this is why other people blog at weird hours and such, but for me it's mostly to do with all the crystal meth cut with pixie stix...that shit's HOT!
ANd- It's hard to get fired from a gov job, right?! U should bring a shotgun to work and test that theory!