Friday, October 23, 2009

Its Always Sunny...

Charlies Profile

-Favortie Food: milksteak
(What? Im putting steak.
Dont put steak, put milksteak, she'll know what it is.)

-Favorite Hobby: Magnets
(Magnets? You mean making magnets? Collecting magnets? Playing with magnets?
Just magnets.)

-Likes: Ghouls
(Son of a bitch what are you talking about?
You know, tiny little green ghouls.
Like in movies? In cartoons?
Little green ghouls buddy.)

Dislikes: Peoples Knees
(Cover your knees up if youre going to be walking around everywhere.)

Best Mother Fucking Show EVER!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love It's Always Sunny! Too funny!

Awesome Sara said...

i dig that show too!!!