Wednesday, September 23, 2009

one saturday i took a walk to zipperhead.
i met a girl there and she almost knocked me dead.

My thoughts for this day...

1. Why do I always sit so awkwardly in chairs, especially at my desk, with my legs all gnarled and twisted and never just normal. Im always sore and always seem to sit with my eyes so close to the god damn screen. I swear sometimes I realize that my face is literally right next to the fucking thing, youd think I was working on a cure for cancer or a new extremely tiny font. WTF.

2. Not having a cigarette all day (yes Im trying this quitting thing again- mainly because the FDA has decided that I can no longer make smoking decisions for myself and is interfering with my ish- but I digress) is making me super crazy weird irritable angry. Im thinking I may or may not go snag some primetimes on my way home to help me ease through losing my most fav smokes in the whole world. But I shouldnt, but I should, but damn. I mean Im not addicted right? Ha. Ehh.

3. I had pepsi and pringles for breakfast today. I think that is probably the breakfast of champions cause I have been on point son.

4. My stomach hurt a little this morning as it does every morning (something I thought was being caused by lots of smoking and lack of eating in the am - and no not due to my breakfast of champoins as mentioned above) but I didnt smoke today, so, long story short Im convinced I have a fucking ulcer. Please donate to my cause and treatment (how do you treat that anyway?). Oh speaking of self diagnosis- I am also convinced I used to slash sometimes still do have gout, cause sometimes my knees ache like an old man.

5. Lately when I listen to music I constantly note the songs that would make great karoke choices. And then I sing along (as I do to any song, even the shitty karoke choices) and I sometimes think up little dance moves that would be funny. Yes, I think Im going crazy. Then I always think about CV and how we would sing the duet from dirty dancing. Then I think about how the navy sucks for taking him away and it makes me think about songs I could sing like 'soldier boy' or 'in the navy.' Yes, this is my thought process. Someone get me to a karoke bar stat.

6. If I ever blogged from home, where mad sites werent blocked, I would totally post the Dead Milkmen song 'punk rock girl' today. I just recently discovered thanks to S who told me it reminds him of me, aww cute, anyway and now Im completely in love with this band. So go listen to it somewhere that you can, cause you cant here.

7. Ps. this makes me laugh hard.

8. Pps. so does this.

And goodnight. WORD.