Friday, September 11, 2009

Gimmie Gimmie

youve got the looks. ive got the brains.
lets make lots of money.

1. These amazing tights slash leggings... if you know me you know I would kill for these (yes kill I say.) If you dont know me, well yeah, I got mad style. Ps. throw in the shoes too, for good measure, I mean come on.
2. Delicious alcohol... jk slash not jk slash maybe a glass of champagne on my bday will suffice. And by glass I really mean bottle and chugging.
3. Holy holy holy hell... someone get me this alexander mcqueen clutch stat. Im losing breath as we speak. Need. Clutch. Help.
4. Sunday baby needs this for her little muffin head. Wouldnt she be just so adorable? OMG!
5. Dear good band, please come to town so I can see you again and get down with my rock arms. I need to sing. Cause Ive known you since you were a twenty.