Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Focus Focus

what did you say? that you only meant well.
well of course you did.

Today I cant focus for shit. So get ready blog... I have a feeling we will be spending the day together.

My mouth tastes of cigarettes, my hair is a mess - literally coworkers are staring, and my eyes want so dearly to close tight. I made some mistakes last night, but Im thinking today that really it was bound to happen. I know I am not perfect, and Im trying to accept that. But last night my old lover BV was not making me very lovely. He does not give me comfort anymore, he just makes me sad.

So I woke up today, with a slight hangover (oh how I havent missed you) and contemplated the situation. Smoked a thousand cigarettes while I decided to be an adult and do the right thing, even if I was super late and look like I was hit by a bus.

I must continue to take steps in the right direction, right? Thats all I can really do. So for now, Im a looking ahead and trying to let go of the past and ignore my spinning head. We will see how that goes.