Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boo Today. Boo You.

when you go, will you have the guts to say...
i dont love you, like i loved you, yesterday.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Today I hate you, when usually I enjoy your hump day-ness. Last night was interesting and eye-opening (id rather keep them closed thank you). I am taking positive steps in my life, yet continue to undermine those steps daily- and consciously. For some reason I think this is my nature right now. But Im confused. Its difficult to know why bad decisions seem to go hand and hand with the good. It is difficult to realize that you dont know what in the hell to do about anything. And it is most difficult to think that you may not be strong enough.

Things I miss today:
-the weekend... it is never ever long enough
-feeling really secure in my future
-working with my bestie
-money... and everything that goes with that (mainly shopping and feeling carefree while being able to pay bills)
-getting summer break

Things I have realized I cant remember about him anymore:
-the way he smells
-the sound of his voice
-his laugh
-the color of his eyes
-his happiness

Things that I despise today:
-traffic... i despise this everyday... omg you dont even know
-my pony tail
-leaving Sunday baby
-not smoking
-this booze induced headache... story of my life
-sitting in my office chair vs. a nice hammock


lets hope so.
cause im a bitter sob today.

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