Monday, June 1, 2009

Damn you Disney Corporation

Stop looking for Prince Charming, Cinderella already found him.

'sha la la la la la....'

I want to say thank you (and by thank you I mean fuck you) to Disney for giving me, and all girls for that matter, an unrealistic sense and expectation of love. Growing up I watched Cinderella be swept away by Prince Charming, Snow White was rescued by a gallant knight in shining armor, Ariel uproots her whole effin life for her Prince, Jasmine loves Alladin who flies on a magic carpet to get her attention, and Belle falls for a Beast, who in actuality is a Prince in disguise. BARF. In reality, nothing EVER happens that way. These classics not only give girls a false sense of hope that one day she will be rescued and her life will be all the better because she has love, but also the belief that once love is found, everyone lives happily ever after, the end. Give me a break!

Love, relationships, and happiness take work, dedication, and the understanding that people are not perfect (as Mickey Mouse and friends there wants you to think). Everyone makes mistakes, people change, and sometimes love just sucks. It is hard… and made more so by expectations that are set too high by Disney addicted girls AND the immature ‘I’m tough and get pussy’ boys they love. No boy will ever live up to a Disney standard (they should, but never will… where the f can you find a magic carpet anyway?) and no girl wants to settle for less. Here in lies the dilemma.

I’m not saying I (or anyone) should go back to my old ‘Stick it to the Man’ belief system that love isn’t real, relationships are a joke, and marriages are meant to end. But fucking Disney should be held accountable for the countless girls that have been corrupted by this idea, myself included. I’m also not saying I don’t LOVE all of the above mentioned movies, and will continue to watch them until I’m an old decrepit cat lady, but come on now, where are the movies about couples therapy, break-ups, and tears? Ok, given those movies would probably suck and make kids cry, but maybe that is what the next generation needs. F kids anyway.