Tuesday, June 16, 2009

booze and cigarettes... what more could a girl ever want?

are you there vodka? its me... bunny.

sometimes life just blows… and booze and cigarettes seem to make everything better. no matter what, i find that i look beautiful holding a cocktail with a half lit djarum black hanging from my mouth. ha. ok maybe not always (maybe not ever), but lately this look defines me… and my heartbroken shit life. i mean come on, its not like either of these vices are bad for me or could make my situation any worse, right? if anything they are now my saving grace. my saving bunny. so get used to it people, my new life plan is to be just like a homeless person who constantly has a paper bag to the mouth (and just for fun i may yell obscenities at passerbys and then sleep on the sidewalk... oh wait... i may or may not have already accomplished these goals... hmmm...). and dear cancer throat, buck the f up, this is not a good time to be a little baby. dear frankie, that is effin life. dear time, hurry the f up and pass already. and dear buddy, i hope to rave on... keep your fingers crossed. feel the burn.